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Panchamrut as its name suggests, is a five ingredient side dish. It is a traditional maharashtrian Recipe which is prepared during auspicious occasions or festivals. It is always mistaken for Panchamrut which is prasad made up of milk, suage, curd, honey and ghee but this is panchamrut chutney. It is very famous during Ganesh Chaturthi and always part of Bappa’s Bhog Thali. Panchamrut is a famous side dish along with the relishes on any Maharashtrian festive occasion.

As the name suggests, this five ingredients chutney is made up of Green Chillies, Groundnut, Sesame Seeds, Dry Mango Powder and Jaggery. Hence this chutney is a perfect blend of sweet, spice and sour taste.

This is the forgotten recipe from Maharashtrian food culture. It was made as a side dish during wedding feast or festival feast.There are different ways to cook this recipe. Here is my way of cooking this mouth licking side dish...

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 10 minutes

Quantity: 1.25 Cups

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Taste: Spicy Sour


Wet Masala

  • Green Chilies (हिरवी मिरची / हरी मिरची)

Dry Masala

  • Groundnut (शेंगदाना)
  • Sesame Seed (तिल)
  • Dry Mango Powder(आमचूर पावडर)
  • Cumin Seeds(जीरा)
  • Turmeric powder (हळद)
  • Salt (मीठ)
  • Jaggery(गुड़)
  • Edible oil
Panchamrut recipe ingredients

Panchamrut Recipe

step 1

Take 1 cup green chillies and then cut into pieces

step 2

Roast ½ cup groundnut and roast it.

step 3

Grind roasted groundnut and keep it aside

step 4

Roast ½ cup sesame seeds and roast it.

step 5

Grind roasted sesame seeds and keep it aside

step 6

Heat a pan

step 7

Pour 2 teaspoon oil in the pan

step 8

Once oil is heated, put ½ teaspoon cumin seeds

step 9

Put ½ teaspoon turmeric powder and stir it

step 10

Add chopped green chillies and stir it

step 11

When green chillies are mixed in oil properly then add salt and half cup water and cover it with lid

step 12

Afterwards check if chillies are half cooked and then add groundnut powder(which we kept aside) and stir it continuously

step 13

Then add sesame seeds powder(which we kept aside) and stir it continuously

step 14

Keep stirring it continuously to avoid burning the masala

step 15

Add ½ cup dry mango powder.

step 16

Keep stirring it.

step 17

Add 3 cup water and keep stir continuously

step 18

When mixture in boiled and thickens then add 1 cup jaggery

step 19

Stir it. Cover it with lid.

step 20

Let the mixture thickens. It should not be too watery and too thick. Its texture should be like it can be served in the plate

step 21

Ready to serve

Special Note

  • Check when jaggery melts completely. If the chutney is sour then you can add more jaggery
  • You can take green chillies as per spiciness you required

Variations of Panchamrut

  • You can add dry fruits powder and raisins in this 5 ingredients chutney.
  • Even we can add dry coconut powder in this chutney
  • Instead of using cut green chillies in this chutney, you can blend green chillies roughly and then use it in this chutney
Panchamrut chutney

How to preserve Panchamrut Chutney?

Panchamrut can be stored for 1 week in the refrigerator.

How to Serve?

This chutney can be served with a regular meal as a side dish. In the festival of Gauri-Ganapati, this chutney is unavoidable from feast dishes. During Gauri-Ganapati festival and Shravan month festivals, Panchamrut chutney is part of festive feast. Other than serving during the festive season, it is served as follows…

  • It can be served with Maharashtrian Thalipeeth. It tastes well due to sweet, sour and spicy taste with Thalipeeth
  • It can be served with Bhaji-Roti or Dal-Rice

Benefits of Panchamrut Chutney

Panchamrut chutney is a perfect blend of sweet, sour and spice. In this chutney sweetness is due to jaggery used in it. Whereas sour taste is due to dry mango powder used. While spice is due to green chillies used in it. The texture of this chutney is because of groundnut and sesame seeds powder. Hence, this chutney has benefits of all five ingredients combined in it.

Some of the benefits are…

  • It is a taste enhancer. So if you don't like the menu then have it with this chutney. I am sure you'll have more than your daily consumption. 
  • Groundnuts or peanuts and sesame seeds are source of healthy fats
  • Green chilli is rich in vitamin C and helps in metabolism
  • Dry mango powder or amchur powder improves digestion and helps to fight acidity
  • Jaggery helps in digestion and acts as detox

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Disadvantages of Panchamrut Chutney

This is a taste enhancer and eaten as a side dish. If its eaten in larger quantities then it will lead to stomach disorders.

Different recipes of Groundnut, Sesame Seeds and Green Chilli

My experience

During my childhood days this panchamrut chutney was a famous side dish during wedding feast. I liked it so much that I used to eat it as main sabji. My mother always scolded me asking for more and more chutney while having meals at weddings or any program. I still remember, she used to scold me once we reached at Home and also complained about me to my father. But, I was mad about this chutney.

So, I cooked this chutney at my home and ate it with Roti/Chapati/Paratha/Bhakri. It is super delicious due to its mixed taste.


Can diabetic person eat panchamrut chutney?

Is this chutney healthy?

Can we make it in any season?


Panchamrut Chutney is super delicious and easy to cook. Try it at home and share with your friends and relatives. So, this traditional Maharashtrian recipe will be remembered by our generation.

Happy Cooking

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