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Muli ka Achar - Radish Pickle is a famous pickle and prepared in the Winter Season as Radishes are available in adequate amounts in Winter Season. Pickles (Achar) when had alongside meals increases the latter's taste also as one's hunger. Different types of pickles are prepared according to the season; these pickles can be eaten from 15 days to a year. 

Radish pickle recipe is very easy and delicious. The main ingredient of the recipe for radish pickle is Indian White Radish. Muli ka achar can be prepared in less time. In this pickle, radish is teamed up with different spices which are easily available in our kitchen. So, no extra efforts are needed to cook this simple recipe for radish pickle. If you are searching for Indian Radish Recipe then try this recipe. 

Lets see the Radish Pickle Recipe...

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Quantity: 3 Cups

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Taste: Spicy 


  • Radish (मूली )

Dry Masala

  • Fenugreek seeds  (मेथी बीज )
  • Mustard Seeds (राई)
  • Cumin Seed (जीरा)
  • Carom Seeds(अजवायन)
  • Turmeric powder (हल्दी पावडर )
  • Coriander powder (धनिया  पावडर)
  • Red Chilli powder (मिरची पावडर)
  • Salt (नमक )
  • Edible oil

How to make Muli ka Achar / Radish Pickle?

step 1

Firstly peel one radish which is washed and dried properly beforehand.

step 2

Cut these into long, thin strips.

step 3

Now sprinkle 3/4 tbsp salt on the radish strips and mix thoroughly.

step 4

Transfer these salt coated radish strips onto a tray and keep them within the sun for 2-3 hours.

step 5

This will dry the juice released from the radish.

step 6

These radish strips had been placed within the sun, with the tray slightly tilted (vertical). The water released poured downwards, we have to remove it. Radish strips are dried and there's no water left in them. If there's any water then wipe with cotton cloth. Radish required for the pickle is ready.

step 7

Heat the pan.

step 8

Also add 1 teaspoon Fenugreek seeds, 1 teaspoon Carom Seeds, 1 teaspoon Cumin Seeds and roast them till they turn brown.

step 9

Now take out the roasted spices and keep Aside

step 10

In the same way, take a mixer pot. Add roasted fenugreek seeds, carom seeds, cumin seeds.Then add 3 teaspoon Mustard Seeds and blend it. Mixture should be rough.

step 11

Similarly, pour oil within the pan and warmth till little smoke comes out of oil. Keep it aside to cool aside.

step 12

Now, take a bowl. Add dried radish pieces into it.

step 13

Pour spices which we blended into radish pieces.

step 14

Then add 2 teaspoon red Chilli Powder, 1 teaspoon Turmeric Powder, 2 teaspoon dry Coriander Powder, 2 teaspoon Salt and mix it thoroughly.

step 15

Also, add cooled oil which we kept aside in this bowl and mix it. This is an oil based Achar but this Achar also can be prepared without oil.

step 16

Finally, mix all the ingredients properly.

step 17

In the end, Radish Pickle with oil is ready.

Special Note

  • However, you'll get the pickle's actual taste after 3 days as all the spices are going to be completely absorbed by the radishes.
  • Moreover, it is very easy to form Muli ka Achar, you only have to keep this stuff in mind : While preparing the pickle, no sort of impurity should enter the pickle. There shouldn't be any moisture present, bowl or spoon shouldn't be wet.
  • Finally, fill the pickle within the container after it's completely cooled. Container should be washed with boiling water and dried in the sun beforehand. The container should not contain any moisture. Always use a clean and dry spoon while removing pickles to eat. Pickles last for an extended time; you'll store and eat this Achar for quite a month.
radish pickle or Muli ka Achar

Variations of radish pickle / Muli ka Achar recipe 

If you want oil less achar, then you can add vinegar into this Muli ka Achar

How to preserve Muli ka Achar?

In the end, Muli ka Achar can be stored in a clean jar. It can be preserved for a month at room temperature.

How to Serve Radish Pickle / Muli ka Achar?

To summarize, you can serve this pickle with Indian Wholesome Meal.


Benefits of Radish

  • Radish is high in fiber. Hence, it helps in digestion.
  • Radishes also contain the elements which help to reduce cardiovascular diseases. In other words, it is helpful for the heart.
  • In the same way, Potassium present in Radish helps to reduce the blood sugar
  • Likewise, Radishes control the damage to our red blood cells.
  • Similarly, radishes are rich in Vitamin C which improves the immune system.
  • Radishes are not only good for digestion but also helps to fix acidity
  • Moreover radishes are rich in nutrients
  • Drinking radish juice is helpful to your skin health

Disadvantages of Radish

  • If radishes eaten in large amounts may lower the blood sugar. In case, diabetic person should eat radish in moderate  quantities.
  • Even, taking more than moderate amounts of radish in a diet might be bad for the digestive system.
  • Similarly, Radish increases the bile flow. Hence, if you are suffering with gallstone then avoid eating radish in large amount

Different recipes of  Radish

In India, white radish is available everywhere. It has a hot flavor which varies from its type and age. For the purpose of eating, radish can be cooked in different recipes. There are many Indian Radish Recipes.

Some of Indian Radish Recipes are…

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What are the side effects of radish?

Do radishes cause gas?

Is radish good for urine infection?

Do radishes make you poop?

Is it bad to eat a lot of radishes?

My experience with Muli ka Achar / Radish Pickle

Radish is very healthy. So I was always including it in our meal as a salad. But, family members were bored of eating salad. Some dont like its sabzi and parathas. Now, how to include radish in our diet was a big question for me. With this in mind, I was searching for different recipes of radish. As a result I found a recipe for radish pickle. To my surprise, when I cooked it at home it was a big hit. 

When I shared this radish pickle with my neighbours then everyone was asking about a recipe for radish pickle. Some of my friends were asking like “Muli ka achar kaise banata hai”. I was so happy to share the recipe for radish pickle.


If you want to taste the new Indian Radish Recipe then try this recipe yourself and share your experiences with us.

Happy Cooking...

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