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Green Chilli Chutney (हिरवी मिरची ठेचा/Hirvi Mirchi Thecha)

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Green Chilli Chutney/Hirvi Mirchi Thecha which is popularly called as  Hirwi Mirchi Thecha in Maharashtra is a very famous side dish. It is usually complemented with Jowar/Bajra/Rice Bhakri or goes well with Maharashtrian Thalipeeth.

It enhances the taste of the meal with its spicy taste and strong flavors. If you are a spice lover then its a must try recipe.

If you are a spice lover then it's the perfect chutney to try at home.

Preparation Time:   15 minutes

Cooking Time:     5  minutes

Quantity:     3 Cups

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Taste: Chilly Spicy

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Wet Masala

  • 1 cup chopped Coriander Leaves (कोथिंबीर) 
  • ⅓  cup Garlic (लह्सुन)
  • ⅓ cup Ginger (अद्रक)
  • ½ cup Curry Leaves (कढीपत्ता)
  • 2 cup Green Chilies (हिरवी मिरची / हरी मिरची)

Dry Masala

  • ½ cup Groundnut (शेंगदाना)
  • ¼ cup Cumin Seed (जिरे)
  • Salt (मीठ) to taste
  • 2 cup Edible oil
Green chilli chutney ingredients

How To Make?

step 1

Take a mixture pot.

step 2

Add Green Chilies in it.

step 3

Then add Garlic, Ginger, Curry Leaves, Coriander Leaves, Groundnut, Cumin Seed and 3 Teaspoon Salt

step 4

Blend it in the mixture.

step 5

Take the pot out and check with the mixture.

step 6

If mixture is slight rough, take it out and keep aside

step 7

Heat the pan

step 8

Pour 1 cup of Edible oil into it.

step 9

Add half teaspoon of Cumin Seeds in it to check if the oil is heated.

step 10

Then add the whole mixture in it.

step 11

Stir it continuously

step 12

Add 1 cup of oil it it and stir it for 30 seconds

step 13

Add 1 teaspoon of salt in it.

step 14

Switch off the gas and take it out.

step 15

Ready to eat.

Special Note

  • If You want less oily chutney/Thecha, then you can avoid adding 1 cup edible oil in the middle of cooking.
  • You can add half teaspoon of sugar in it.
  • You can use roasted Groundnuts to enhance the taste of Green Chilli Chutney or Thecha

Variations of Hirvi Mirchi Thecha

  • To enhance the taste of Hirvi Mirchi Thecha , instead of using Mixture, we can use Mortar and Pestle.
  • If you want less spicy Hirvi Mirchi Thecha, you can use less spicy Green Chilli instead of dark Green Chilli.
Green chilli chutney

How to Serve Hirvi Mirchi Thecha?

  • Green Chilli Chutney/Hirvi Mirchi Thecha is popular in Maharashtra. It is served with Jowar/Bajra/Rice Bhakri accompanied with Pithale/Bharit.
  • It is served with Kadhi Gole in Vidarbha region.
  • It is a famous Maharashtrian side dish which goes well with all food like steamed rice or plane dal (you can mix this chutney with plane dal and have it with Bhakri or Roti).
  • Crushed Papad and add some chutney, chopped onion, edible oil/lemon juice and serve with Roti/Chapati. It would be a good option to dislike Sabji (vegetables/curry).
  • You can add it in vada pav to increase vada pav taste.
thecha with thalipith
  • In Bhel Puri, you can add this chutney. Even you can add this chutney in Pani Puri to have a spicy taste.
  • It can be used with Pakora/Bhaji/Vada/Boiled Egg
  • If you have to prepare Sabji in less time, you can add green chilli chutney instead of garlic, ginger, curry patta, cumin seed, kothimbir and green chilli. It will give same feeling of wet Masala(ओला मसाला).

How to preserve Green Chilli Chutney/Hirvi Mirchi Thecha?

This is wet Chutney. It can be stored in the refrigerator for 10-15 days.

How to increase the taste of Green Chilli Chutney/Hirvi Mirchi Thecha  while eating?

  • You can add lemon juice while serving this chutney.
  • You can add edible oil while serving this chutney.

What are the Benefits of Green Chilli Chutney/Hirvi Mirchi Thecha?

The main ingredient of this chutney is Green Chilli.

Benefits of Green Chilli

There are many benefits of eating Green Chillies.

Some of them are...

  • Green Chilli is rich in Vitamin C and beta-carotene hence it is good for skin and eyes.
  • Green Chilli can balance blood sugar level.
  • Green Chilli can help in weight loss as it helps to increase metabolism. It speeds up metabolism so helps fat burn.
  • Green Chilli is natural source of Iron

This chutney is made up of Green Chillies, Garlic, Ginger, Coriander, Curry Leaves and Cumin Seeds.

It has benefits to include it in the meal. 

Some of them are...

  • It boosts the immune system as it is comprises of Green Chillies
  • Vitamin C in green chillies mixed with other green herbs like curry patta and coriander have health benefits
  • It improves mood
  • It is heaven for spicy lover

Disadvantages of Hirvi Mirchi Thecha?

Anything eaten more than required, is harmful to health. If, This Chutney is eaten in large quantity, it may cause

  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pain
  • Burning sensation in gut
  • Abdominal pain

Nutritional value of Green Chilli 

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Different Recipes of Green Chilli

Green Chilli is part of our daily meal. There are different ways of using Green Chillies in our food.

Lets see some of Green Chillies recipes..

  • Green Chilli can be used each Sabji
  • It can be used in Bhel
  • It can be used with Snacks

My experience with Green Chilli Chutney/Hirvi Mirchi Thecha?

We at my home are spicy lovers, so green chilli chutney is always there in my refrigerator. We all love it a lot.


What happens if you eat too much green chillies?

Is green chilli bad for the stomach?

Is green chilli harmful for health?


Me and my entire family like Green Chilli Chutney very much with our daily meal. It's simple and easy to make. Try it , Share it and  I am sure people will ask you about its recipe. 

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