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Curry Leaves Chutney is very nutritious. It is the best way to include Health beneficial Curry leaves in our diet. Curry leaves are added to most tadka in Indian dishes. Curry leaves are known for their stomach related properties. They are likewise useful for improving visual perception, in reducing weight and incredible for solid and gleaming hair.

The main ingredient of this chutney recipe is curry leaves supported by roasted chana dal, sesame seeds, dry coconut powder, dry red chillies. All these elements are rich in nutrients. The combining these healthy ingredients makes this chutney super delicious and healthy.

Lets try the curry leaves chutney recipe...

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 10 minutes

Quantity: 1.25 Cups

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Taste: Chilly Spicy


Wet Masala

  • Curry Leaves (कढीपत्ता)

Dry Masala

  • Cumin Seed (जीरा )
  • Dry Red Chilies (सुखी लाल मिर्ची)
  • Roasted Chana Dal(भुनी हुई चना दाल)
  • Sesame Seeds(तिल )
  • Dry Coconut Powder(खोबरा पावड़र )
  • Salt (नमक )
  • Edible oil
curry leaves chutney ingredients

Method Of Curry Leaves Chutney

step 1

Take 1 cup curry leaves. Wash it and dry it to remove water particles from curry leaves.

step 2

Now, take a pan and heat it.

step 3

Pour 2 teaspoon oil in the pan.

step 4

Further, add 2 teaspoon Cumin Seeds in the heated oil.

step 5

As soon as Cumin seeds pop up, add curry leaves and stir it.

step 6

Add half cup dry Red Chillies in the pan and stir it for 1 minute.

step 7

As well as, add 2 teaspoon Roasted Chana Dal, 2 Sesame Seeds, 2 teaspoon dry Coconut Powder and 1 teaspoon salt. Stir it continuously.

step 8

Roast all ingredients till all ingredients cooked properly.

step 9

Take a mixer jar and add this masala into it.

step 10

Blend it coarsely

step 11

At the end, nutritious dry chutney is ready to serve.

Special Note

  • You can reduce the quantity of oil to make this chutney dry powder
  • The proportion of ingredients can be changed as per your likings and taste

How to preserve Curry Leaves Chutney?

We can preserve this chutney at room temperature for months in an airtight jar. As well as we can use it whenever we want to.

curry leaves cutney

How to Serve Curry Leaves Chutney powder?

Servings can be dependent on your taste and choices. But we can serve this chutney as a side dish with our regular meal as a source of nutrients. Even we can add this chutney in curries, sabji to replace curry leaves. As well as, we can spread this chutney on salads, steam rice. We can eat this chutney with Dosa and Idli

How to increase the taste of curry leaves chutney while eating ?

  • At the time of eating this chutney, we can squeeze a lemon juice and eat it.
  • Similarly, we can pour some edible oil and eat it.

Benefits of Curry Leaves

  • Curry Leaves can helps in weight loosing
  • During first trimester of pregnancy, morning sickness and nausea of women can reduce by eating Curry Leaves
  • As well as, Curry leaves have pain-relieving properties
  • For diabetic people, Curry leaves can reduce blood glucose level. 
  • Similarly, it protects your liver
  • As well as, Curry leaves are natural bacteria-killing compound
  • It also helps to treat constipation, dysentery and diarrhea
  • Curry Leaves oil helps to rece stress due to its scent
  • Similarly, including Curry Leaves in your diet can help to improve memory
  • Curry Leaves also helps to get out body’s fat and toxins from the body
  • It also helps to reduce heart disease risk

Disadvantages of Curry Leaves

However, Curry leaves should be kept away from those having allergy to it. On the other hand, Pregnant, breastfeeding ladies and little children should consult a doctor before eating it.

Nutritional value of Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are nutritious. Similarly, Curry leaves contain proteins , calcium , magnesium , phosphorus, iron and so forth. In the same way, Curry leaves contain numerous kinds of nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, copper , Vitamin B , Vitamin E. Likewise, it also has amino acids, niacin, flavonoids and numerous kinds of cell reinforcements and so forth.

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My experiencem with Curry Leaves Chutney

Normally, nutritious ingredients are not liked at home. I always wanted to include curry leaves in all curries, vegetables and snacks. But the other members at home regularly picked it and threw these nutrient rich leaves outside the plate. Then I cooked this chutney powder and to my surprise it was easy for me to include in the meal. I served it with a regular meal as a side dish. Sometimes, I add this super healthy chutney powder in sabji, curry and even in snacks also spread on salads and many more. This trick works well and no one recognises the curry leaves and consumes it.

I would suggest you to prepare this chutney and include it in your regular meal and try this recipe and share it also.


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Curry Leaves Chutney powder is super healthy. I would suggest you cook it and eat it. Also share it with you near ones.

Happy Cooking...

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