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Pickles are prepared and eaten house to house in India. Pickles are part of our daily meal. Types of pickles vary from vegetables to fruits. Crushed Lemon Pickle is the way of eating pickle which is very delicious and easy to eat. This Pickle is like eating chutney hence, it can also be eaten by elderly people.

This Crushed Lemon Pickle is made up of very few ingredients like Lemon,  Sugar, Jaggery, Dry Red Chillies and Salt. These ingredients are easily available in our kitchen and part of our daily cooking. This lemon pickle sweet and sour and easy to cook. Moreover, This sweet lemon pickle is easy to cook and easy to eat due to its crushed format. Even, sweet lemon pickle recipe is easy to prepare at home. Recipe of lemon pickle is must try at home.

Lets try the Crushed Lemon Pickle Recipe...

Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes

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Quantity: 5 Cups

Taste: Sweet and Sour


Wet Masala

  • Lemon(निम्बू)

Dry Masala

  • Sugar(शक्कर )
  • Jaggery(गुड़ )
  • Dry Red Chilli Powder(लाल मिर्च पावडर)
  • Salt(नमक)
pickle ingredients

How to make Crushed Lemon Pickle?

step 1

Take 20 Lemons. Wash it and dry it properly with dry cotton cloth.

step 2

Cut each lemon into 8 parts and take out its seeds. Place all these cut lemons into a big bowl.

step 3

Take a mixer jar and put all these cut lemons into it. Blend it.

step 4

Take a pan, then add blended lemon mixture, and then add 250 grams Sugar, ⅓ cup dry Red Chillies Powder, ½ cup Salt and mix it properly so that all ingredients mixed with each other and Sugar start to melt down.

step 5

Now, switch on the gas and put the pan on it.

step 6

Stir the mixture continuously for 2 minutes.

step 7

Now add 1 cup Jaggery and stir it.

step 8

When Jaggery is completely melted Switch off the gas.

step 9

Cool down the Pickle and store it in a clean Glass Jar.

Special Note

  • The proportion of ingredients can be changed as per your likings and taste.

How to preserve Crushed Lemon Pickle?

We can preserve this lemon pickle at room temperature for months in an airtight jar. As well as we can use it whenever we want to. This lemon pickle sweet and sour is easy to preserve.

How to Serve Crushed Lemon Pickle?

Servings can be dependent on your taste and choices.
  • Lemon Pickles taste good with Indian meals.
  • This sweet lemon pickle tastes good with Indian Paratha / Roti / Kulcha / Naan.
  • We can also eat this sweet lemon pickle with Indian snacks like Poha / Upma / Chiwada.
  • This Pickle is good to eat for elderly people.
  • When you have suffered with fever then Mouth tastes bad. In that case, you can eat this  pickle with plain Dal - Rice.
grated lemon pickle

How to increase the taste of Crushed Lemon Pickle while eating?

This Pickle is a complete side dish. Meanwhile, there is no need to add anything in this pickle while eating.

Benefits of Lemon Pickle

The main ingredient of this Pickle is Lemon. Therefore, let's see the benefits of Lemon…
  • Lemon is rich in Vitamin C
  • As well as, lemons are good for Heart Health
  • Similarly, Lemons are good for Liver Diseases
  • Also, Lemon helps to control the weight
  • Likewise, Lemon is good for Stomach. It helps in digestion.
  • In the same way, Lemon helps to reduce cancer risk
This sweet and sour Crushed Lemon Pickle is prepared with Lemon and Sugar. Hence, benefits of lemons are included in this Sweet Lemon Pickle.

Disadvantages of Lemon Pickle

Anything consumed in large quantities is bad for health. In the same way, Lemons are good for health but if you eat large quantities of sweet lemon pickle then it is bad for health.

Nutritional value of Lemon Pickle

To check nutritional value of this Crushed Lemon Pickle, click here.

Different types of Lemon Pickle

There are different ways of preparing Lemon Pickle. Lemon Pickle is depending upon the different methods as well as different ingredients used.

Let us see some types of Lemon Pickle…
Some types of Lemon Recipes are…

My experience with this Crushed Lemon Pickle

When you grow older, your teeth become weak and unable to chew items which you ate regularly. Likewise, my in-laws were very fond of lemon pickle but unable to chew it due to weak teeth. So, I prepared this Crushed Lemon Pickle at home. 

This sweet lemon pickle  is like chutney which is easy to add Lemon Pickle to on our plate. I would suggest you try this sweet lemon pickle at your home. It is easy to cook and the sweet lemon pickle recipe or Crushed Lemon Pickle Recipe is very easy. I must say the recipe of lemon pickle is easy and eat this delicious lemon pickle.


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Crushed Lemon Pickle is super healthy. It has the taste of pickle and the texture of chutney. I would suggest you cook it and eat it. Also share it with you near ones.

Happy Cooking…

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