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Sweet Potato Chutney

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Sweet Potato Chutney is popular in South India. In addition, it is a delicious South Indian chutney which is made with Sweet Potato and Coconut as well as easily available ingredients at home. Even, this chutney can be served with steamed rice or Idli and Dosa. Specifically, Sweet Potato Chutney is famous due to its […]

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Crushed Lemon Pickle

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Pickles are prepared and eaten house to house in India. Pickles are part of our daily meal. Types of pickles vary from vegetables to fruits. Crushed Lemon Pickle is the way of eating pickle which is very delicious and easy to eat. This Pickle is like eating chutney hence, it can also be eaten by […]

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Panchamrut ( 5 ingredients chutney )

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Panchamrut as its name suggests, is a five ingredient side dish. It is a traditional maharashtrian Recipe which is prepared during auspicious occasions or festivals. It is always mistaken for Panchamrut which is prasad made up of milk, suage, curd, honey and ghee but this is panchamrut chutney. It is very famous during Ganesh Chaturthi […]

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Chana Dal Chutney

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Chana Dal Chutney or split chickpeas chutney is famous in India. Basically, the main Ingredient in this Chutney Recipe is Chana Dal or Split Chickpeas. Generally, this Chutney Maharashtrian Style is tangy due to curd and the texture of this chutney is due to blended soaked chana dal. Additionally, the chana dal is soaked in […]

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Onion Chutney – Vengaya Chutney

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Onion chutney – Vengaya chutney is best accompanied with idli, dosa, upma or appams. As onions are known as vengaya in Tamil language. It is very common and famous in all south Indian homes. It is a perfect mixture of onions, chana dal, dry red chillies which are fried in oil and blended well with […]

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Tomato Chutney / Tamatar ki Chutney

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Tomato is not Indian origin vegetable, but we have included it in our food. And now it is part of our food habit. America is the origin of tomatoes and in 16th century Portuguese introduced this juicy vegetable to India. Now in India, tomatoes are the main vegetable cultivated. It is even part of our […]

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Garlic Chutney/Lahsun Ki Chutney

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Garlic Chutney/Lahsun Ki Chutney is famous in Rajasthan. It is also very popular in India. Garlic Chutney/Lahsun Ki Chutney is for spice lovers or garlic lovers. This chutney can be made with very few ingredients. Which are easily available in our kitchen. Garlic Chutney/Lahsun Ki Chutney is a combination of garlic, dry red chilies and […]

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Mint Chutney (Pudina Chutney)

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Mint Chutney or Pudina Chutney is one of the famous food and prepared everywhere in India. The main purpose to make any chutney is to include medically beneficial plants or herbs or vegetables or fruits in our meal. Indian chutneys are famous for their strong flavor all over the World.This chutney is made up of […]

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Amba Dal Chutney

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Amba Dal Chutney is a famous chutney in Maharashtra. It is served as prasad during Chaitra Gauri Pooja in Maharashtra. This is a delicious and mouth watering side dish. It is cooked during the summer season.This chutney is simple to cook. It is a combination of blended and soaked chana dal with grated raw mango. Hence […]

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Wet Coconut Chutney

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Wet Coconut Chutney is the unavoidable part of South Indian dishes like Idli/Dosa/Vada. Wet coconut chutney is a blended mixture of coconut, coriander leaves, garlic, ginger, curry leaves and green chillies. There can be many variations of coconut chutney like adding different ingredients in the main ingredient i.e. coconut. नारियल-की-चटनी हिंदी में पढ़ें Wet Coconut Chutney […]

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